You Write Your Own Story: How Your Words Are Shaping Your Success

Alright guys, here it is.

I'm hearing an awful lot of negative shit-talking lately, and I'm here to tell it straight. But I'm not rude to others! you might be thinking. I'm not involved with Facebook group drama, and I always try to be kind.

Hell yeah you do! My community is full of whole-hearted, loving superstars.

There's just one thing.

You're shit-talking yourself.

Words have a tremendous amount of power, and with each word you write, think, or say, you are creating your story. You're building your reality.

You might want to ask yourself: is it a reality you want to live in? Is it a reality where you're rocking your business, learning and growing, building community, travelling the world, and taking on each day with a FUCK YES? Or is it a reality where you're telling yourself that you're a savage cow without coffee, that you look like garbage, that you never have your shit together and your business and blog are doomed to fail.

Words have power.


"Thoughts become things."

Gala Darling


You have the power to tell your own story. So you just launched a course and you pre-sold to 6 people. But the time before that? You didn't sell anything. You might be writing this off as a failure, but this is a victory my friend.

It's all about the perspective you choose to take. Each time the universe slaps a situation in front of you, you have a choice. Do you turn away, or do you hold out your hands and receive that opportunity, standing in your fear?

When you have an epic business fuck up, do you tell people that you were a total idiot and you can believe you screwed up so badly? Or do you tell people that you got a business smack down and you are now four hundred percent prepared to tackle the next situation.

When you feel yourself coming up against this negative brain chatter, ask yourself this:

  • Where is the evidence?
  • What is the proof that these thoughts are valid?
  • Was my day really the worst day ever, or have I just been thrown off by an unexpected shit sandwich?

You can use your words to change your story. Generally, people will believe what you tell them. Am I suggesting you lie?

Absolutely not. Am I suggesting you shift the focus away from the crap, and onto the things that make you a fucking rockstar? Yes, yes I am.

You're the storyteller. You are the Neil Gaiman, Donna Tartt, Shakespeare, or J.K. Rowling of your own life. Don't pass up that opportunity.

MindsetDanna Rowan