8 Things Your Website Must Have As A Coach


One of the biggest obstacles and sources of stress for a new coach or a coach launching an online business is— you got it— the website.

I've seen a lot of awesome people will really exciting, big ideas get stuck trying to put together their website.

  • What does it need?
  • How do I get clients to book me?
  • What is most important?
  • Should I start a newsletter
  • Do I need advertising?

And then the whole launch process grinds to a halt. So many people get bogged down in the details, scared of making mistakes, and their blossoming businesses get put on hold as the overwhelm gains the upper hand.

Since the best thing for a new coach is to get started, get learning, and secure those first clients, I'm going to give you the essentials for your coaching website.



The lack of directionality and clarity that comes with not having a mission statement is one of the flaws I see the most in the websites of coaches and heart-centred business owners of all kinds. Right from the beginning, before they've even had a chance to scroll, you want to be telling your visitors who you are, what you do, and who you do it for.



The next thing your website must have is a call to action, directing your visitors to what is most important and asking them to take action. When I do my Free Three sessions, I ask all applicants what the number one thing is they want their readers to be doing. Nine times out of ten (yes, seriously), it's not the focus of their website.



Another common problem I run into is sales or services pages that literally have no way for me to hire the coach— except bouncing over to the contact page. When you only have a few seconds to really capture their attention and get your reader to make the sale, any barrier to their booking you is losing you clients.

Once you've shared a bit about your different packages, make sure there is a button your readers can click to either hire you outright, or to book a discovery call with you.

Like this:



If your potential clients aren't able to book right away or have a few questions, you want to make sure they have a very clear way to contact you. I also recommend having a few FAQ on this page to field repetitive emails, and also to give your readers a bit of information they may not have already come across.



Especially as a new coach, testimonials are incredibly important to have on your website in order to build trust between your and your potential client. When you aren't resting on a golden reputation, your future clients need to see for themselves how much other people have really loved your services. 

I recommend putting testimonials on your home page, as well as your sales pages and any onboarding packages you might have.


Clients will hesitate to book you when they don't know what to expect, and what you expect from them in the process. Be sure to outline very clearly what each step of working with you will look like (or include it in an easy-to-download package), and answer any of the common questions they might have along the way.



If someone isn't booking you right away, you definitely want them to be able to follow you on social media, get to know you a little bit better. This way, you stay at the front of their minds for when they are looking to book you, and you can give them tons of extra value in the meantime.



This is a big one that many people forget, or don't take quite as seriously as they should. When someone is buying your coaching services, really, they're buying you. They're buying your time, because they like you, and they trust you. But it's hard for someone to come to trust you when they have never seen your face. Including a photo, or even a short video if you really want to go all out, is essential to starting that relationship with you, and building your brand.


See? How much better is that. It's like we're best friends already.